Thursday, August 5, 2010

August / September - Festival / Tour


Claire at “The Improvisor Festival” - Birmingham AL

Events at different locations in Birmingham & beyond over the month of August.

Director LaDonna Smith

Claire's Improvisor:

Thurs 5

Opening Parade - 6pm

Forest Park shops, B'ham

Fri 6

Magic City Meltdown - 7pm

WorkPlay, 500, 23rd St South, B'ham AL 35233

Sat 7

Tour - 7.30 & 9.30pm

Barking Legs Theater, 1307, Dodds Ave, Chatanooga TN 37404

Sun 8

Tour - 8pm

EyeDrum, suite 8, 290 MLK Jr Dr SE, Atlanta GA 30312

Mon 9

Tour - 7pm

Cine, 234, W Hancock Ave, Athens GA 30601

Thurs 12

Concert - 7pm

The Listening Room, Pepper Place, 2901, 2nd Ave South, B'ham AL 35233

Fri 13

Dixie Fried Old School Southern Wierdness - 7pm

BottleTree Music Cafe, 3719, 3rd Ave South, B'ham AL 35222

Sat 14

Spaceship Saturn: Sun Ra Tribute - 7pm

Pepper Place, 2901, 2nd Ave South, B'ham AL 35233

Fri 20

Just Move It dance concert - 7pm

CDF (Childrens Dance Foundation) 1715, 27th Court South, Homewood AL 35209

Mon 23

Odd Places series - 6pm

Moundville Archaeological Park, Moundville AL 35474 (Tuscaloosa)

Fri 27

Improv Roulette - 7pm

CDF (Childrens Dance Foundation) 1715, 27th Court South, Homewood AL 35209

NOTE venue change to The Listening Room (see above listings for location)

Plus possible additional events that spontaneously arise!


North East Tour

Tues 7 - Rochester NY


with John Roche - poetry & Steve Greene - guitar

Physikos Studio, 302, N Goodman St # E-201, Village Gate, Rochester NY 14607

Wed 8 - Toronto ON

From The Soul

Sacred Dance Guild event with Debbie Danbrook - shakuhachi flute, Celina Carol - percussion,

401 Richmond Art Space, 401, Richmond St West - suite 384, (Spadina) Toronto ON M5V 3A8

Fri 10, Sat 11 - Ottawa ON

From The Soul: Be Still & Know

workshop with Sacred Dance Guild

St John The Evangelist Church

Sun 12 - Ottawa ON

From The Soul

presentation with Sacred Dance Guild

Remic Rapids Park with the rock sculptures of John F Ceprano

Tues 14 - Lowell MA

with Walter Wright - electronics, Dr T - video mix

119 Gallery, 119, Chelmsford St. Lowell MA 01851

(new addition to tour)

Wed 15 - NYC

Motion Sculpture Movement Installation for Mark Lamb Dance.

Celebration reception for their recent non-profit status at the Chrysler Center.

666, 42nd St & 3rd Ave - 32nd floor

Sat 18 - New York NY

Loft event with Jonathan Vincent - keyboards

201, W 86th St. #806, NY 10024 (Amsterdam / B'way)

Tues 21, Wed 22 - Baltimore MD

Ghost Dancers with Susan Alcorn - slide guitar

video shoot Tues, performance Wed (in conjunction with High Zero Festival events)

2640, 2640, Saint Paul's St. Baltimore MD

Sun 26 - Roanoke VA

with Beth Deel - performance

The Water Heater, 813, 5th St. SW Roanoke VA 24016

Monday, May 24, 2010


Photo by Matt Jamie UK


Sunday 6th Noon - 2pm

Pritchard Park – downtown Asheville NC

Solo Motion Sculpture Movement Installation

Claire Elizabeth Barratt

Produced by Arts 2 People

Sponsored by the Asheville Downtown Association

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th between 1pm – 5pm

RiverArts District – Asheville NC

Open Studio Tours

Come find me outside the Phil Mechanic building.
I'll be performing a variation of “SPLAT!” with various musicians


Sunday 11th Noon – 2pm

Pritchard Park – downtown Asheville NC

“SPLAT!” Action-paint performance

Claire Elizabeth Barratt – dance / painting
Shane Perlowin – guitar

Produced by Arts 2 People

Sponsored by the Asheville Downtown Association

Saturday 17th 8pm – 11pm

The FLOOD gallery at Phil Mechanic Building

River Arts disctrict, Asheville NC

“LUNA” Motion Sculpture Movement Installation

Claire Elizabeth Barratt – movement
Kimathi Moore – soundscape

Part of “Synesthesia – A Sensory Overload” event


Claire at “The Improvisor Festival” - Birmingham AL

Events at different locations in Birmingham & beyond over the month of August.
Details TBA
Director LaDonna Smith


Tues 7th – 7 - 9pm

Physikos theater – Rochester NY

Collaboration with poet John Roche

Wed 8th

Toronto - venue TBA

Collaboration with musicians Debbie Danbrooke, Celina Carrol & Michael Keith

Fri 10th, Sat 11th, Sun 12th

Sacred Dance Guild – Ottawa ON

St. John's Episcopal Church

Remic Rapids Park – Sunday 12th 4pm

“From The Soul: Be Still And Know” - movement workshop & presentation

Workshop sessions at St. John's Episcopal Church
Presentation at Remic Rapids with the Rock Sculptures of John Ceprano

Tues 14th – Wed 15th

119 Gallery – Lowell MA

Collaboration with Walter Wright

Mon 20th – Thurs 23rd

Baltimore MD

“Ghost Dancer” Sound & Movement project with slide-guitarist & composer Susan Alcorn.

Specific details TBA


Sat 2nd – Sat 9th

Asheville NC

“Titled” Sound & Movement project with guitarist & composer Shane Perlowin.

Specific details TBA

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cilla Vee / Claire Elizabeth - WINTER / SPRING 2010 HAPPENINGS

Claire performing in X-FEST.


FEBRUARY 26 – 28

The format of the festival is simple and challenging: 12 visiting artists and 60 local artists perform. On Friday and Saturday evening there are 10 half-hour sets that include one visiting artist and three local artists. Performers include musicians, and visual and movement artists. Every set is an improvisation; the artists are playing together for the first time. (Walter Wright – festival curator)

Supported by the Lowell Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.



From Lowell MA

Loup-Garou: [Werewolf]

Setheyny Pen(Satan) - toy piano, percussion
Walter Wright(AlterWalter) - electronics, audio tape

THURSDAY MARCH 18th ..... 2 venues

Izzy's Coffee Den – 74, N Lexington Ave – downtown Asheville NC
Then just up the road .....
220, Broadway (near The Dripolator) North of downtown Asheville
Donations accepted

"Loup-Garou [Werewolf] is collaborative group consisting of Walter Wright of Apocalypso Trio on electronics, Setheyny Pen of Ralph Eats Dynamite on toy pianos and percussion.The pairing of sound sources can at first seem unlikely or perhaps unsettling. The introduction of melody from the damaged primitive sounds of the toy piano jars some peoples idea of free improv sound. The result is playful and disarming at times, conflicting and challenging other moments." -- Josh Baker

Setheyny Pen is a 2nd generation Cambodian artist. Up & coming in the New England scene. (She pronounces her name "Set-ah-nie")

Walter Wright is the co-founder of 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA.
He was one of the first "old school" experimenters in electronic sound & video art.

In Asheville, Loup-Garou will also include Cilla Vee on movement, cello & voice.

Megan McKissack will be mixing her sublime video projections at Izzy's.

Cilla Vee Life Arts at Black Mountain College.



Dinner at 6.30 – Party at 8.30

An event to benefit Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and the Media Arts Project

Cilla Vee Life Arts presents: LUNA – a Movement & Sound installation

with movement by Claire Elizabeth Barratt & sound by Kimathi Moore.


Cilla Vee Life Arts presents: JOYFUL SONIC WASH



Joyful Sonic Wash are:

Megumi Matsuzaki – Sitar & FX
Junichi Matsuzaki – Sax, self-made instruments & FX

Cilla Vee Life Arts presents Japanese touring duo Joyful Sonic Wash
Collaborations with Asheville performing artists:
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Elisa Faires, Liz Lang, Kimathi Moore, Julie Becton-Gillum,
Chandra Shukla, Sijal Nasralla, Sara Baird, Jason Scott Furr – video mix

“Joyful Sonic Wash” is a Japanese husband & wife duo whose music has so many influences that it would actually take less time to just go & hear it for yourself than for me to try & describe it to you!

Junichi & Megumi Matsuzaki are both from Hiroshima, Japan.
Junichi plays a myriad of self-made instruments, as well as saxophone & voice through special effects.
Megumi plays the sitar (which she studied in Calcutta) – also through special effects.

They moved to NYC in 2002 and formed the group “Joyful Sonic Wash” which performed at such renowned experimental music venues as: Tonic, ABC No Rio, Issue Project Room and Roulette. They collaborated with “Cilla Vee Life Arts” at chashama & at Metro Movement Project & with Akim Funk Budha in the "Ebonyasia project" .
They also founded the “Breathe On The Grass” series in Manhattan's Lower East Side community park.

This will be their final tour in the USA before returning to Japan with their 2 -year-old daughter Chihiro.


Also this Spring -
Claire will be choreographing a dance for the UNCA Dance Department as well as teaching a new fitness program entitled "Ballet Boot Camp" at the YMCA