Sunday, March 9, 2008




Friday May 9th - 8pm
"What the (bleep) is Performance Art?"
performance art showcase curated by Julie Becton-Gillum
Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center - Asheville NC (see 'latest news' for details)
I will be presenting a solo Motion Sculpture Movement Installation in the front window.

May 10th - 16th
"That From Which" project with SPIRAL7
Performance on Friday May 16th - 8pm
119 Gallery - Lowell MA /
I will be the movement element of a multi-media project also including electronic & instrumental sound plus video projections. Collaborators: Philip Lampe, Glenn Dickson, Grant Smith.


July 10th 4pm – 6pm
ADF – American Dance Festival
Durham NC
I will be performing in the gallery for the reception of artist Lara Hanson, whose work was used for this year's festival T-shirt! See Lara's website:
Collaborators: Kelly Colbert – voice & Lara Hanson.- ink gesture drawings

July 20th - 25th

Sacred Dance Guild Festival - 50th anniversary
Connecticut College - New London CT
I will be teaching a Motion Sculpture workshop culminating in a Labyrinth performance.

Sunday July 27th - afternoon
The Herb Garden - Almonte Ontario
I will be 'Marigold' - a roaming movement installation.

August 1st - 3rd
From The Soul - 'Melt'
Workshop at Dance Space 637 - Ottawa Ontario
Presentation on Sunday August 3rd at Remic Rapids
with the rock sculptures of John Ceprano
This is the fourth annual 'From The Soul' presented through Dance Space 637 - director Natasha Royka.
I will teach a workshop culminating in a student presentation.

Tuesday August 5th
Free improvisation duo performance with guitarist Ken Aldcroft
Toronto - details TBA


September 25th - 27th
The Spirit of Black Mountain College
75th anniversary celebration of Black Mountain College
Lenoir-Rhyne College - Hickory NC
I will be presenting "Modus Operandi" - a sound & movement project structured as a scientific experiment - with composer Elisa Faires and "the professor" Greg Congleton.
I will also be participating in a panel discussion.